Shooters of Maumee in Maumee, Ohio is an indoor gun range in Maumee, Ohio. Located right off the Anthony Wayne Trail and close to both I-475 and I-80, it is conveniently located for most residents of Toledo and the greater Northwestern Ohio area.

Customer Service

I have nothing but good things to say about the employees at Shooters. They are more than happy to help you out, whether it's recommending a gun, helping newbies and first-time shooters become acquainted with the basic principles of handgun operation, or processing a FFL transfer.

Range Amenities

The range at Shooters consists of 12 stationary target lanes in total, six of which go out to 50 feet with the other six going out to 75 feet. Distance line markers are painted in 10-foot intervals. Handguns and rifles as well as shotguns (slugs only) are allowed. They advertise themselves as being rated for UL 752 Level 8, which means that up to 7.62mm lead-core FMJ ammunition should be fine. As can be expected at most ranges in this day and age, each lane has a motorized target retrieval system. Steel- or aluminum-case ammo is allowed (just no steel-core ammo). A written disclaimer and short 5-minute safety video are mandatory for all new shooters.


A wide variety of pistols, revolvers, and rifles is available for rental. The full list can be viewed here. Some makes are well-represented, particularly Glock, S&W, and Springfield, whereas others are not, e.g. H&K and CZ. Rental handgun calibers include .22LR, .38, 9mm, .40, and .45. It would be nice if they also offered some .357 handguns for rental.

Shooters does not sell guns, with a few exceptions - the last time I was there they were selling new Glock 19s for $450 + tax.

In addition to their fleet of rental guns, Shooters also sells a selection of paper targets of various sizes at reasonable prices for use in the range.


  • Lane rentals: $20, no time limit; $10 for each additional shooter sharing a lane
  • Handgun rentals: $10, $6/each additional gun
  • Rifle rentals: $17, $6/each additional gun
  • Eye and ear protection: $2
  • FFL transfers: $40/firearm

A caveat is that only Shooters-purchased ammunition is allowed to be fired through the rental firearms. I've only ever bought 9mm, which starts at $19.99 for a 50-cartridge box of Estate 115-grain FMJ. With this in mind, a range day with only rental gun(s) can get pricy pretty quickly, especially with larger calibers.

For the frequent shooter, Shooters also offers yearly memberships. The cost for the average joe is $360/year, going down to $320 for senior citizens and police/military customers. Family members can be added on for $90/person. Membership perks include free range time Tuesday through Friday and half-price lane rentals on weekends. Note, though, that members who bring a friend will still be charged the $10 additional shooter fee. Definitely not the cheapest, but if you go more than 20 times per year the membership is well worth it, especially since there's no time limit per visit. By contrast, the other indoor range in the area, Cleland's in Swanton, charges by the hour and doesn't offer any sort of unlimited yearly membership.


Overall rating: 9/10

If you're looking for an indoor gun range to go to in the Toledo, Ohio area, Shooters of Maumee in Maumee, Ohio is definitely worth checking out, especially if you're a frequent shooter with your own guns and ammo and are looking to take advantage of the unlimited range time per visit.