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Logitech M330 Silent Plus Wireless Mouse Review

I picked up the Logitech M330 Silent Plus wireless mouse to replace an aging, dying wired Targus mouse that I've been using with my Surface Pro 3. For $8.99 + tax from Staples on Black Friday, it was, in my opinion, quite the steal as most retailers, e.g. Amazon, have it listed for around $30.

M330 bottom

The M330 comes in a small clamshell package. It's a 2.4GHz wireless mouse which uses the standard nano-sized USB Logitech Unifying Receiver. Out of the box, the receiver is hidden away in the battery compartment, and the included 1 x AA battery is pre-installed and advertised as lasting up to 24 months. An on/off switch is located on the bottom above the battery compartment.

M330 top

So what about the mouse itself? It's nicely medium-sized - slightly bigger than most compact wireless mice while slightly smaller than most desktop mice. The contour on the left side is quite comfortable for right-handed users, although at the same time this is obviously not an ambidextrous model.

Logitech advertises the M330 as being silent, but that's not quite the case. A muffled click is a better way to describe the sound. The scroll wheel feels smooth and is actually nearly silent. All in all, the M330 is admirably quiet and would be great for an office environment.

The M330 uses an invisible optic. Tracking motion is precise and smooth, and latency is low enough that I did not notice any significant difference compared to a wired mouse.

All in all, my M330 has been a solid purchase that's fully worth the $9 I paid for it. 10/10 would recommend.