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Drawing graphs in medical school for fun and profit

As a computer science major in college, I'm always thinking of ways to apply a CS perspective to the process of learning in medical school. For example, many things in medicine, ranging from the anatomy of blood vessels and nerves to complex biochemical pathways, can be rendered as simple directed/undirected/mixed graphs. Recently, I came across yEd, a piece of software that allows me to do just that. It's a general-purpose graph editor that's super easy to use thanks to drag and drop. Check out what I created yesterday in just a few minutes while learning arteries of the lower limb:

lower limb graph

I was basically able to condense an entire lecture into a single diagram. If you're a visual learner looking for an easy way to create focused diagrams without the clutter of a full-blown atlas, yEd may be the tool for you. It's a cross-platform Java app that runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.