As an unfortunate customer victim of the Buckeye Broadband monopoly in Northwest Ohio, I often check their website on the off chance they might actually change their shit-tier business practices and start offering reasonable internet service plans for reasonable prices. Nope. Check out their latest "Essential Internet" offering:

Wow, what a great deal! /s

Yep, they've "upgraded" their main plan from 50Mbps down/3Mbps up to 100Mbps/5Mbps...all while keeping the data plan at the same paltry 250GB/month. Great, now I can blow through my data cap twice as fast before I start forking over extra money for more data, or have to pay an extra $30/month for unlimited data! What a deal! In an age of 4K video streaming and 100GB+ video game downloads, Buckeye Broadband appears to be stuck in prehistoric times. Needless to say, I think most customers would much rather prefer lower speeds if it meant having an unlimited data allowance or at least a data cap competitive with that of other ISPs, i.e. at least 1TB/month.

But of course that's asking too much, isn't it?