Recently, I received this flyer in the mail, courtesy of Buckeye Broadband. Buckeye Broadband is a cable ISP - some would say a monopoly - in the Toledo/northwestern Ohio/southeastern Michigan area.

Reading the fine print, the internet part of this offer is for 20Mbps down/2Mbps up with a 100GB/month data cap (look on the bright side, that's a whopping 10x more data than the 10GB included with Buckeye's 10Mbps plan!) The "Local 30+" cable package offers minimal value compared to the channels that could be obtained for free with an over-the-air antenna, short of a few channels that no one watches (C-SPAN, anyone?) Indeed, this "offer" already sounds pretty shitty, but let's see just how it stacks up against Spectrum and AT&T:

AT&T's fiber plans come with the added bonus of symmetrical download/upload speeds.
Need I remind you that Spectrum currently does not have data caps?

And here's Buckeye's own internet-only plans, just for reference:

Add unlimited data for only $30/month more! /s

It's truly sad that Spectrum's base plan is both faster AND cheaper than Buckeye Broadband's top-tier plan, which is also neutered by a data cap. A 250GB data cap on a 200Mbps line can only be described as a cruel joke.

Simply put, I don't see why anyone with an ounce of sanity or technological literacy would even begin to consider switching to Buckeye, especially from Spectrum or AT&T. It's truly ironic how Buckeye Broadband's customer service reps always thank customers for "staying local" when they don't provide their customers any compelling reasons to do so, short of a lack of ISP choice due to Buckeye's monopoly/stranglehold on ISP access in the area.